Turmeric is an Elixir will Keeps you Healthy

The bright yellow powder that is an essential ingredient of Indian kitchen is much more than a spice. It not only gives colour and taste to your food but also has amazing health benefits. It helps you to treat common problems like bruises and inflammation. But did you know about other ways this spice keeps you healthy? Well, let us have a look at these benefits to our health.

Acts as a preventive for Cancer

While on an Ayurveda retreat in Rishikesh India, I learnt of this benefit of turmeric from an Ayurveda doctor. The main component of turmeric is a compound called curcumin. It helps to clean and detoxify the colon, and protects the cells from damage from free radicals. The compound also acts as a live tonic thus eliminating toxins from the body which are the main causes of cancer. A recent study found that the compound found in turmeric can prevent and halt cancer cell growth in people suffering from cancer of the neck and head region.

As it detoxifies the colon it helps in preventing build up of toxins in the colon and is very effective in blocking the onset of colon cancer. Even in people with cancer turmeric can help to slow down metastasis (spread of cancer to other parts of body). It also halts the formation of tumors helping the patient to recover better. What is needed is to imbibe the use of this wonder spice in your daily food.

Provides relief in Osteoarthritis

Turmeric has natural property of reducing inflammation of joints which is the main concern for patients of osteoarthritis. It is a natural anti-oxidant which helps to protect the membranes, helping to ease the pain. Regular use of the spice has been found effective for patients who do not find relief from allopath.

Helps in Indigestion and Digestive issues

Turmeric is really useful in case of indigestion and heartburn. It stimulates the production of bile which aids in proper digestion of food. It also helps in case of bloating and gas, and also bowel disease like colitis.