Here Prevalent Illnesses In Seniors

Aging causes our bodies to become progressively more prone to a number of age-related health conditions. Home care Colorado Springs professionals consider educating seniors and their families on these common illnesses to help them take preventive measures to lower the risk.

Mentioned below are some prevalent diseases that affect seniors more often.

1. Heart Disease

According to American Heart Association, heart disease is the major cause to decrease the chances of longevity among older adults aging 65 and beyond. More than 83 million adults experience one or more kinds of cardiovascular disease. High cholesterol and high blood pressure are two major risk factors for heart-related conditions. Going under blood tests is important to have health affecting factors examined. Regular physical activity and a heart-healthy diet including vegetable, fruits, and lean protein are known to prevent the possibilities of developing a heart disease.

2. Diabetes

American Diabetes Association noted that 1 in 4 seniors over the age of 60 have diabetes. It is a serious health condition playing a major part in decreasing longevity rate each year. Fortunately, diabetes can easily be diagnosed with proper blood tests. Since Type 1 diabetes is unavoidable, inherited disease, many seniors found with diabetes have Type 2, which can be prevented and treated with a healthy lifestyle. Regularly check seniors’ blood sugar levels and alter them to the manifestations and preventive measures against Type 2 diabetes to reduce the impact it has on seniors.

3. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Damaged airways of lungs cause Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. It is a progressive condition, which makes breathing difficult for seniors. As COPD develops over time, keeping an eye out for symptoms is essential, like chronic wheezing and coughing. Families and home care practitioners should encourage seniors to quit smoking, as it is the most common cause known to make the condition worse. Seniors with COPD often face exacerbating breathing challenges due to influenza. Flu shots and taking precautions in daily lifestyle are crucial against such illness, like washing hands regularly.

4. Arthritis

More than 50 million older adults experience some form of arthritis throughout the country. The chances of developing arthritis increase over time. Osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis next to rheumatoid arthritis and gout. Seeking proper medical attention is emphasized on seniors with chronic joint pain. Effective stretches, the range of motion exercises and proper diet certainly help seniors to lower the risk of joint pain and inflammation.

5. Pneumonia

Lung function tests can help keep seniors from contracting respiratory diseases like pneumonia. Chronic fatigue and coughing are two most common pneumonia symptoms. Seniors with this condition have a higher risk of developing severe pneumonia due to weak immune system, rather than young patients who recover after a few days of treatment. Pneumonia vaccines can protect seniors against the common bacterial cause of this condition. Parallel to COPD, it can also be averted if seniors protect themselves from influenza.